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Michelin Guide 2019

In February we were added to the Michelin Guide 2019 with a “Michelin Plate”, which makes us really proud. Although we did not get an actual star, we can with great enthusiasm celebrate that we have put Aalborg on the Michelin map.

Therefore, we will also continue to promote North Jutland and all the people who produce and supply our restaurant with some of the most amazing ingredients. As well as we will continue to improve and give our guests an amazing experience and a taste of North Jutland.

THANKS for the support and appreciation that goes out to the whole team behind the restaurant.

Find the guide here.

Bedst i Nordjylland 2019

After an exciting final at Bryghuset Vendia on May 14, we could proudly celebrate the title as “Best in North Jutland in 2019” with a 3 – 1 victory over Restaurant Uafhængig.

“Our talented employees have done really well, and I’m sure they have learned a lot from the experience. Thanks for all the support and appreciation”, says Michal Miv Pedersen. 

TABU – A culinary travel through North Jutland

Restaurant TABU in the heart of Aalborg, offers an exquisite travel in danish and moderne nordic sublime cooking craftsmanship and high-end cuisine. TABU has become famous by our award winning gourmet food and renowned founder Michael “Miv” Pedersen, who has placed TABU in the elite. Our concept is simple and inspired by the danish nature which is incorporated in the menu, and gives a taste of the ingredients from the soils, the sea and the woods. This exceptional style has lead us to a Michelin plate and the titel as “Best in North Jutland in 2019”.

On TABU we are open from Wednesday to Suturday. The concept will be a regular every week with a fixed menu. Wednesday and Thursday, 5 dishes menu incl. 5 wines and light snacks for DKK 850. Friday and Saturday we advance the local experience and the choice of raw materials, 6 dishes incl. 6 wines and a wide selection of snacks for DKK 1,250.

All days it is also possible to choose in the menu 3 dishes and up – there you have the opportunity to explore a comprehensive and personal wine list.

We have space for a limited number of guest per evening, and it is possible for larger parties to book the restaurant, even when closed. Please contact us for further information.

We are always looking for new and exciting niche products to complement the amazing producers we already have relationships with. 

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